Our Team

Monika Chalmers~ Certified EAGALA Equine Therapy Specialist: Monika was born and raised in Bonn, Germany. At a young age, she found enjoyment and peace being around animals, finding herself at a local stable almost daily. It was there she learned the art of dressage, jumping and vaulting, becoming an experienced horsewoman. While she always felt connected to horses, it was not until her younger brother suddenly died that she experienced the healing power of horses hands on. Embarking on a spiritual path, Monika moved to the United States in 1989, living in Florida before she found herself meeting the love of her life and moving to Paramus, NJ. It was during this time that Monika embraced Kundalini Yoga, QiGong, sound healing baths and Acupuncture to help combat chronic pain. She became a Reiki practitioner in 2018 and uses a number of healing modalities daily. Monika has been with UHP from the very start, joining the Unbridled family seven days after they launched in 2018. At UHP, Monika leverages her intuitive gifts to deepen her connection with the wild mustangs and share their wisdom to inspire more love and compassion. In 2019, Monika traveled to Arizona where she got her education and certification to become an Equine Specialist following the EAGALA standards. Eagala was one of the first to develop a concrete model of professional standards for incorporating horses into mental health treatment. They have grown into a worldwide movement and global network operating since 1999. You will find Monika at the barn daily, her light and warmth welcoming all. We are honored to have Monika be part of the Unbridled movement. She runs the day to day operations and her value is immeasurable. “One has to embrace the DARK, in order to GROW” Monika Chalmers. ⭐️

Elizabeth Brosnan~Certified EAGALA equine therapy specialist: Born in Brazil, Elizabeth grew up riding horses and practicing many competitive sports, concentrating her love for competition and horses by practicing show jumping, winning multiple national and international prizes and titles. The non-judgment and always in the present horse way of living, inspired her to help those in search of healing. She deepens her skills, practicing kundalini yoga and meditations, as well as obtaining certificates in Aromatherapy, EFT(Tapping), among others. Most importantly, she is a certified EAGALA therapy Equine Specialist. At UHP, Elizabeth combines her enthusiasm and abilities to connect people and horses in a perfect environment; only love can heal.

Matty Aderhold~Music Director: Born and raised in New Jersey, Matt grew up playing instruments, and music has always helped him connect with people on a deeper more meaningful level. Matt’s passion for horses and admiration for Veterans led him to get involved at the UHP. One day after playing at UHP, Matt realized that music could influence the horse energy, and encourage good behavior. “Music amplifies connections and raises positive frequency. Bonding with horses requires us to stay present and open our hearts to absorb all the beauty around”.

Christina Lamboy~ Born and raised in New Jersey, Christina grew up around horses and competed in local show jumping competitions since she was a teen. By owning two horses; Driftwood and Lingo, she learned a lot about dedication, commitment and love; essential qualities to build trustful and healthy relationships. It was her positive bonding horse childhood that led Christina to get involved at the UHP; contributing her equine expertise to be of service to others. Christina leads teen workshops, inspiring future generations to spend more time in nature, and embracing gratitude with their UHP signature “journal with the horses” experiences.