Mercury in Retrograde….

Mercury is in retrograde…. it ends tonight at 8:58 pm!! I know for myself, this has been an extremely emotional time, enhanced by mercury…. The struggle is real and I feel it is important to share it. While we may look strong, we all struggle at some point, spiritually and physically…. As I watch my mom end her treatment for her terminal cancer, my heart feels like it is shattering into a billion pieces… Unbridled Heroes is amazing, but it is hard, there are a billion things I need to do and there never seems like there is enough time… We are prepping for our Gala in November and need corporate sponsors… yet everything seems so trivial when I hold my mom’s hand… or hold Jack… when I pause… and feel, it hurts… but it is ok to feel the pain, it is ok to hurt… it is good to share and let others know they are not alone… We all are going through something… Right now I am hurting… Yet I know it is these times of heartache and struggle that we hustle and do what needs to be done… and through it we grow… brighter, and more beautiful…. So for those of you holding it in, stay strong, message me, open up, do not be afraid to be vulnerable… I am lucky to have my herd, that brings me back to the present moment, always, sometimes comically, like biting me, or stepping on my foot or whatever shenanigans they may be up too. These beautiful souls are wise, and whatever it may be, they always bring me back…..

My brave warrior Mamma

Through the heartaches, there have been so many amazing beautiful moments. We launched our first ever heroes program with 5 Combat Veterans, which I mentioned in a previous blog post. I have a team that is incredible and has gone beyond any expectation I ever have. We have had the help and guidance from the Ridgewood Rotary club AM. They have been so extremely supportive and have gone out of their way to help us. WE ARE SO THANKFUL to their kindness!!! We hosted a breakfast for them at our barn, and it was so special!!! Below is a piece they wrote in their newsletter about us.

Unbridled Heroes ProjectA special thanks to Mark and Amy Steppe for hosting The Rotary Club of Ridgewood AM meeting on June 27, 2019. It was very impactful to be up close to these gentle horses, many of which have suffered abuse and neglect. Mark and Amy’s mission is to help Veterans overcome the effects of combat through the connection between a Veteran and rescued mustang horse. For more information visit this charity’s website at 

The expertise in what they do and their willingness to help Unbridled has really touched my heart…. So thank you to The Ridgewood AM Rotary Club!!!

Ridgewood AM Rotary Club

We have also been blessed with the help of Rebuilding Together and Remax Realty!!! They have been another group that has helped fund our projects and also have done a massive cleanup at our barn in the tremendous heat!!! Their support and generosity in what we are doing, the fact they believe in us, means so much. THANK YOU!!! To the Bergen County Police Chiefs Foundation and your ongoing support with this project, THANK you.

Remax Realty

To a local Girl Scout troop… we LOVE you girls!!!! And your support. We were honored to be chosen as their bronze star project and developed relationships with each and every one of them… Incredible group of young women who we look forward to working with as they progress through the ranks!!!

Local Girl Scouts

Back Packs For Life…. Our incredible friends who have guided us every step of the way… Your friendship is priceless…. THANK YOU.

Back Backs For Life and Unbridled

There are so many more… when I think of what we have accomplished in LESS THAN A YEAR… I am stunned… and proud… and grateful…. So with the ups, I know there are downs… But with every down, there is a lesson, and if you listen, you may understand it… To all our supporters on social media, THANK you all so much. We are in the process of rebuilding our website so that it is much more user friendly and donor friendly. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

Please see our information regarding our gala, you can order tickets online

THANK YOU TO our Unbridled Family… we love you all….

2 thoughts on “Mercury in Retrograde….

  1. Your organization is doing a great service and work🐴 Amazing things done in such a short time. May good luck follow you always😊💕

  2. Amy! Wow !!! I am moved by what I just read . Not surprised, you speak with such passion as well write . Lea and I are so honored to be part of unbridled Heroes. Who would have thunk a few years ago that both my daughter and I would be working with Wild Mustangs (rescued) Our mission is to bring attention to America’s Horse and the role they will play in the lives of those that suffer with the condition known as PTSD , our Veterans our police our citizens. Bringing horses and humans together. Like we say in New Jersey Perfect together!
    Although we are early in our journey we are thrilled to see where it will takes us.
    Best of Luck to all of us !!🇺🇸🇺🇸

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