Crazy beautiful dreams…

Everything has been a beautiful blur. Beautiful blurs, or beautiful chaos is something I feel that is built from something more than just pure beauty. It is built with tears, love, sweat, frustrations, setbacks, broken bones (yes!! Gentling Mustangs is not easy), determination, passion and pure grit. From that, if you do not give up, the process of where you are going on the way to your dreams, THAT is the beautiful part. The people you meet, the team you build, the foundation of what you are trying to create. One of my board members and brilliant mind, Yasminka, sat me down the other day so we could brainstorm. She looked at me and said “the magic for you and your husband was in the unstructured way you healed… and now you are trying to bottle that up and share it”. She knew EXACTLY what I was trying to do, before I even knew how to explain it. And she knew a way in which we could do it, and how to structure that beautiful magic into something we could share, and that is precisely what we are doing.

While we have been growing and building, I found myself running a million miles ahead, leaving my husband behind in the dust. Forgetting that WE needed to do this together, that this unique beautiful thing we were trying to do could only be done together and through the love we genuinely experienced through loss and regrowth. This process has taught me so much about patience and placidity, that there was something pure in the stillness of things.

The team we have built are some of the most solid good people I could think of. They have been steadfast in our journey and will be vital to our prosperity. We are so BLESSED with our team and their ability to work together for the greater good. We are all on this amazing ride together, and each person that we have encountered has had a big part in our journey.

Since September we have had three cruelty investigations, 2 resulting in positive outcomes and one that had our hands tied…. but only for a moment, because we realized in order to make massive change, we must change the laws.

Our Heroes program is ready to launch in May. This program has been carefully planned out to capture what we know it can do…. joy. Joy in the moments, how do you measure authentic joy? While this may be hard to capture on paper or in a statistic, we know we will see it on our heroes faces as they interact with our herd. So much preparation has gone into getting our Rescues ready for this massive journey, one that will enrich the soul more than anything I can truly explain. Only the human and the horse will understand what I am talking about. The training and gentling we have done has us all now in a place to change lives.

We have had our first birthday party at UHP, which was amazing. To see kids being kids, engaging with one another, being creative, running outside and creating art was beyond awesome.

All American Ford and Roush Performance has changed our lives in so many ways and to be partnered with such a force has us humbled and grateful…. knowing that God does have a plan and the Universe is hard at work…. This partnership is something we only dreamed of… but dreams come true…. We will be updating as this is all happening. Be kind, be good, and be UNBRIDLED!!!!!

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