Penny Justice….

Penny justice came to us on a whim. I had heard about her from a friend, and it broke our hearts. She was the last one left on the kill lot, no one had taken her, so a good friend pulled her out last minute. Covered in scars and open wounds, 300 pounds underweight, she took her in. We decided we would offer her a home with UHP. While she was not a Mustang, she was a soul that deserved to be loved and cherished for the rest of her life. They said she was 16, but I think she is much older. We named her Penny Justice and she is adjusting to life here. Our Mustangs are slowly taking to her which is good. All our volunteers have fallen head over heels for this sweet mare, and we know she will be a Hero to someone in our heroes program. Here is the beautiful Penny Justice!!!

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