Pamela Aisenbrey, one of UHP’s board member wrote this beautiful article on what has transpired the past few days…. We are so grateful to the Bergen County Police Chiefs Foundation…….

The Bergen County Police Chiefs Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation whose Board consists of active and retired Police Chiefs, as well as Associates, Affiliates and Honorary Life Members of the Bergen County Police Chiefs Association. The Foundation supports and provides the educational and financial needs of active and retired US Military personnel in Bergen County and their families. The foundation has partnered up with organizations such as Mahwah Marine Moms, Heroes to Heroes, Boots up, BCC Student Veterans Emergency fund, U.S. War Dogs Association and Pony Power Therapies.

They can now include The Unbridled Heroes Project, based out of Allendale NJ, to their copious list of non-profit associations. This non-profit horse advocacy and rescue farm, founded by two military Veterans in September of 2018, Amy McCambridge Steppe (Marine) and Mark Steppe (U.S. Army), strives to revive the unbridled spirit in both the rescued, Wild American Mustangs headed for slaughter mills as well as local Military Heroes. They offer a place to come together and witness the extraordinary connections one can make with another unbridled spirit through equine therapy. The 501(c)(3) non-profit also intends to make a difference in the lives of these suffering animals and to be steadfast in it’s mission to change the laws to better protect them.

On Saturday December 29, 2018 and on behalf of the Bergen County Police Chiefs Foundation, the Foundation Chairman, Chief Donald Rossi, Retired Emerson PD and Chief Thomas Shine, (Old Tappan PD), who also serves as the President of the Bergen County Police Chiefs Association, donated an extraordinarily, pristine golf cart to the Project. As it is difficult and almost impossible for struggling or disabled Veterans to explore the vast land on which the Unbridled Heroes Project occupies, the cart will serve as a means of transportation; not only for these Military Heroes but also for the staff and volunteers to keep the farm thriving and achieving its pursuit. This incredibly kind donation came forth with the help of Kenneth Olsen, owner of Rockland Golf Carts, located in Chestnut Ridge, New York. Rockland Carts specializes in service, repair, selling, renting and customizing all major makes and models and service Southern New York, Northern New Jersey, and Central New Jersey. 

The Unbridled Heroes Project is immensely appreciative and grateful for this much needed donation and is looking forward to working with The Bergen County Police Chiefs Foundation in the future. While UHP is marketing their programs towards Veterans, they believe that every person can be a hero in his own capacity. Through art, liberty horse training or comradery at a safe facility to gather, individuals can tap back in to that primal part within and begin to heal.

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