Be an Eagle….

I say often how words can not describe what I am feeling… and this is another one of those times where words can not describe what it is that these past few months have meant to us, what these Mustangs mean to us. Love… I know love is in whatever it is this journey we are on, I know the foundation is love, but the rest of it is hard to describe. First of all, anyone  and everyone who has helped out in this, volunteered your time and energy, I thank you all. All of you had these moments of genius to contribute and Mark and I are so grateful to everything you all have given us. To our UHP family, Cat Zimmerman, Sarah Price, Pam Aisenbrey, Jack Bogwald, Kevin Henry, Kevin Bombace, Matt Aderhold, Jimmy Kostro, Meagan McCarthy, and Mathew Nielson….. THANK YOU!!! You all have been crucial in whatever this feeling is…. In the success of UHP, I can not thank you enough… 

To our supporters, THANK YOU. This is just the beginning.  To our Mustangs, I can not even begin to say what these horses mean to us and how proud I am at their progress. They are beautiful, smart, individual souls with such unique personalities….. They have all touched the lives of so many already and I am so proud of them. 

My family, no words…. To come from an orphanage in Colombia, to be able to flourish and grow with your love is the greatest gift we can give anyone. I plan to give back and help those who need it as long as I live….sometimes, all we need is a little love to truly grow. 

Phoenix and Saturn, I think of you EVERYDAY. I talk to you at night hoping my vibrations and wishes will reach you through the Universe. I love you both so much and miss you everyday. I know someday you will understand just what you meant to us, what you changed in our hearts and how you moved our souls… When we change the laws, which we will, it is in honor of you both. 

Winter Wonderland was amazing, we will be hosting another one on December 22 and 23rd, will update with times. We also have opened a gift shop with custom made gifts. We will be posting our hours on our website!! Our mini horses have names and will be arriving hopefully within the week!!! They have been weak and sick but are on the mend. Mark and I have been in touch with Congressman Gottheimer and have a meeting setup to discuss our concerns. We also have been diligent in reaching out and covering our bases to start making actual change. Our farm has had so many different walks of life already come through our door,  and these lives have changed in a positive way, the way we knew it would work. UHP will launch our official Veterans program this Spring. We have also had a big interest from our younger community, so in January we will officially be launching The Unbridled Kids Club, which will be a held for 2 hours once a week for 8 weeks. All proceeds will come back to our Rescue. Our focus with Unbridled Kids will be help our youth become active with their communities and more mindful in their own souls. It will be amazing!! We will update our website once everything is confirmed. Please share our mission and our project!! We run and are only able to operate  with your support, please consider donating to our cause!!! THANK YOU!! Be UNBRIDLED, smile at someone today, change someone’s life today, because you can. 
Tax Deductible Donations can be made at PayPal.Me/unbridledheroes

Tax Deductible Donations can be made at PayPal.Me/unbridledheroes

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