We have so much to update you all on!!!! First big news is…. we are officially our own entity, The Unbridled Heroes Project is a registered 501-c3 non-profit!!!! We never could have gotten to this place without CZ Mustangs and Cat Zimmerman. What was once just a dream, has now become true. All because these people took a risk on us. We went to train with Cat this summer, and what happened was something so surreal and beautiful. When we seemed so lost, God and the Universe had a plan, if we just paid attention, and we stayed true to our heart, it was all there for us. So that summer, Sarah Price, Cat’s mom, best selling author and brilliant business woman, took the time to listen to mark and I and what was in our hearts. She simply said, “So, let’s make it happen.” And it did. When we returned to NJ, she stayed true to her word and guided us the whole way, partnering with us and their rescue, CZ Mustangs while we got ourselves established. And the doors started to open, every time we felt like we were stumbling, they were there to support us.  While we are our own entity, we are still partnered with CZ Mustangs. In fact, Cat Zimmerman is on my board of trustees and a founder of this brilliant project. I speak of Cat a lot…. She is a beautiful brilliant young woman. She has a heart of gold and a work ethic unlike any 16 year old I know.  Mark and I will be very involved with CZ Mustangs as we are still a part of them, so in truth, between us, we have two rescues, one in Archer, Florida with 19 rescues, and our rescue here in Allendale, with 5 rescues. While Cat is undeniably talented, she is humble and wise beyond her years. THANK YOU CAT ZIMMERMAN, Sarah Price, CZ Mustangs. Seaton Hackney and the owner of Seaton Hackney,Marc Schumacher for everything you all have done. 

We also want to thank Backpacks For Life and the founders, Brett and Alexa. When we came back from Florida this summer I reached out to Brett and Alexa for guidance and help. Despite everything they have going on, they made time to meet with us and help us in anyway they could. That kind of help will never be forgotten. And in the process we made lifelong friends. 

To everyone who believed in us, THANK YOU. We have accomplished so much in the past 3 months, including saving 5 beautiful lives. We are working hard behind the scenes on making a true difference in these beautiful lives, not just our rescues, but for all horses going forward. We have so much work ahead of us, including updating and revamping our webpage. Thank you all so much for your support…. Take that chance, where there is a will, there is a way……

And my mom…. watching you battle like a warrior for your life has made me want to live in the moment more than ever… to make a difference in this world. I love you like no other, and am proud to be your daughter….

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