Something so beautiful it can not be changed by time….. that is what I feel the past month has been. We have 5 rescues, 3 beautiful Mustangs who are THRIVING at UHP!!! Two beautiful mini horses that we pulled from Cranbury Kill pen in their last moments. They are sick and scared but are in quarantine while they get healthy and can come and be with us. Your support has allowed us to save them and given our souls a boost that we needed!! We had our first Yoga Fundraiser at the barm with our Mustangs, it was incredible. Thank you to the beautiful Rose Bogert for the wonderful yoga session. The Mustangs were so quiet and peaceful during the class, it was amazing!!!

This weekend is Veterans Day and we will be hosting a bagel and coffee hang out day for our heroes so they can meet our Mustangs on Saturday!!! We are so grateful to the love and support we have been getting from our community and afar!!

Our partner and co-founder Cat Zimmerman has been busy at her CZ Mustang facility in Archer, Florida training 19 Mustangs, we are so proud and know that in those Mustang lives, we have made a difference!!!! Please continue to share our message of “unbridling yourselves”, to be kind always and to treasure the now….. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

We will be having a Winter Wonderland starting November 29th!!! Stop by Rohsler’s beautiful nursery, pick up a tree, some goodies, then make your way to our barn where the Winter Wonderland will be!! See the magic and the mustangs for yourself, get a cup of hot chocolate and take a picture with our snow fairies, Mrs. Clause and our mini horses!! Will be posting hours as the date arises!!

Donations are welcome, every dollar helps our mission: PayPal.Me/unbridledheroes


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