Miracles do happen…..

Last week we tried to fundraise for two little mini’s that had been in the kill pen for 2 weeks. I asked the kill pen to hold them one more week in an attempt to raise funds to save them. By last Friday, I put my faith in God and the Universe and accepted the fact that we had not raised the money and that fate of these two little souls looked grim.  A few hours later I received a call that we had a donor!!!! Someone I never even met, was raising the funds with her company. We had a deadline of 7pm to raise the funds…. We prayed and waited. At 7pm we got a call that the Mini horses were fully bailed and we could pick them up on Tuesday to bring them to quarantine….. Faith… and Hope. It is what always has gotten me through every struggle and has changed every aspect of my life. My Dad (who is not a horse person) asked why we would save them, what was the point, we could not ride them, they were sick and clearly unwanted… It was because of just that, they deserved to be loved, like any other life. I really thought hard about that question before I answered him…. I told him, it was like me, I see myself in these lost souls. I was too, was abandoned, and left alone as a helpless baby.  I was in an Orphanage in Colombia, and with unknowing blind faith, my Mom and Dad saved me. They believed my life, as pitiful as it was at that time, was worth living, was worth being loved….That has resonated with me in my soul for my entire life. These two mini horses will be loved back to life, they will be cherished as they should. They will go to nursing homes and visit those who may not be able to get to us. We can give joy where there may be none. We are blessed. In this one life of ours we can make a difference, it may not seem big, but it is everything to that one life you are changing. Thank you to Mama Junk Co and her team who pulled this off. thank you to 3 young ladies from my soccer team who took it upon themselves to raise money to help with the quarantine. Thank you to all our supporters, friends and family!! Will keep you all updated on these two cuties….



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