Raw magnetic beauty…

25626226_10103915439549614_7975170168125463580_oI have been blessed to be able to witness the extraordinary healing horses can give a human soul…. I have also witnessed that magnetic, raw, beautiful energy that all people possess, yet only a few live it out in their daily lives, where it is this light that follows them that I can only describe as a halo. Alli was one of these people whose spirit was contagious and crazy beautiful. We did this photoshoot not knowing what to expect…  It turned out to be one of the most moving days of my life…. The love, the energy…. no words will ever truly describe what that day meant, to all of us that were there to witness it. Alli passed a few months later, yet I feel her spirit often…. I think about her often….. She was already an unbridled soul, she laughed and lived fearlessly, she was humble and beautiful. This is a tribute to Alli…. and what she taught me that magical day just a year ago…. to be unbridled… to be free in yourself…. Thank you Alli and too her beautiful family, to Barbie and our beautiful horse friends, Gastone and Laddie.


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