Mustangs getting some much needed attention

We are so grateful to Lucy Probert and Northwest Bergen Magazine Premiere Issue for writing about Unbridled Heroes Project and CZ Mustangs!!! Please be sure to pick up your copies November 1st!!!! 44488198_268257657228628_9193893992675147776_n44364580_318905325587275_614327258454163456_n

Everything has been an incredible, awesome, whirlwind, and so hard to believe we have only been officially open for one month!!! In one month we have done the following:

  • We have rescued three Mustangs: Chirpa, Hope and Shiloh.
  • We have our first participant, a young 22 year old Marine, battling AML Leukemia. He has been through more in one year than most people have been through in a lifetime.  The changes in this young man have been miraculous and he is now an active part of our team and family!
  • We are an established 501-c3 non profit under CZ Mustangs and are working on getting our own status. We are SOOOOO grateful to them and everything they have done for us. Thank you.
  • We are building the dream team of the right people to make this successful and have many people inquiring and offering to help. We are BLESSED!!!!
  • We have been very vocal in the recent round up of the 1,000 Mustangs in CA and are working with the forestry department to perhaps come up with another plan for the Mustangs’ management.
  • We have been vocal about the cruelty at the New Holland Livestock Auction in PA. We have contacted the local Sheriff, State Representative and the sales manager to address the many law violations and inhumane treatment of their livestock. Animal Angels has released their undercover video of NHLA and the deplorable conditions there. We are demanding change. UHP is approaching animal cruelty from a different platform… as Veterans. We will get something done.
  • We have 4 speaking engagements coming up.
  • We have represented UHP in the 4H fair, The Allendale Street Festival and The Firewatch Festival in Fairlawn.
  • Our Mustangs have had three professional photoshoots thanks to David Radney Photography , 4J Photography and This Mustangs Life. Thanks for highlighting the girls’ true beauty.
  • Marketing has been slow but we are working on grassroots fundraising for now and will be applying for grants ASAP. Donations have been coming in and we are so grateful to everyone who has contributed, businesses and individuals.
  • Cat Zimmerman and CZ Mustangs have been busy with 19 rescues in Archer Florida!!! Cat has also been named the ambassador for the Mustang Heritage Center while winning her 5th Mustang makeover belt. Together we are making a difference, slow and steady!!! Wishing CZ Mustangs continued good luck as they expand.



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