Unbridled in mind, body and soul… Heroes are everywhere


Soooooo much has happened since my last blog!!! We have been busy working hard to put everything together for our horses and our community. We are big believers in the laws of attraction, and if you do things with good intent, good will come back. Even some of the harder lessons we may face in life have a blessing, if we choose to see them. That is the difference, do we get consumed by the negativity and grief or do we push forward and thrive? That alone is up to us, but I can promise you, if you push through it and have faith, the greater good is right around the corner.

So many people have asked us what exactly is The Unbridled Heroes Project…. and it is hard to explain because we are more than a horse rescue. We are looking to take action and bring awareness to something we believe there is an injustice in… we are mavericks… we are unbridled. While we do that, we believe that the broken souls of the horses we save can help heal the most broken of human souls. There is no science behind it, it just happens, I do not know why, but it works.

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from the mother of a young Marine. The Marine’s name is Kevin Bombace. He is 22 years old and is in his last year of his 4 year contract with the Marine Corps. Kevin was diagnosed with ALM leukemia over a year ago. No words can really describe what this young man has been through for the past year…. what his mind, body and soul has had to endure. He has had multiple rounds of chemo therapy, full body radiations, and a bone marrow transplant and that is just part of what he has been through.  When we met Kevin for the first time, we did not know what really to expect or how we could help. We knew what had worked for our own personal trauma, and knew it could help others, but would Kevin be open to any of it? He came to Unbridled Heroes a few days after being released from the hospital and we had decided we would have him work with Chirpa, one of our Mustang Rescues.  We had been working with Chirpa since she came to us in early September, but no one had established a true connection with her despite trying. We knew using Chirpa was a risk, but if it worked, the benefit far outweighed the risk. What happened next was crazy beautiful, Chirpa responded to Kevin immediately, and Kevin responded to this wild horse. What we knew could happen was happening, no words exchanged between man and mustang, but simply the connection of the mind body and soul. You can check out Kevin’s story and read his blog here: https://www.lordofthefly.org/kevin-s-story


The next few days we all got to know one another, Kevin has quickly become part of our farm family and our first Unbridled Hero. THIS is what we are about, we are a mindset that only a wild, broken horse can tap into. We are about helping one another find ourselves again, making a difference in this one precious life that we have….. To have faith in the unknown and watch it happen has been incredible. Be unbridled, defy all odds, change the world because you can!!!! Kevin is an extraordinary human being, his spirit is contagious and his natural grit is inspiring. Unbridled Heroes is blessed to have him part of our family!!




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