It’s real….

B6DDC306-EA72-402B-96E0-28342ADFF105.jpegThis past weekend it became official… The Unbridled Heroes Project was opened. We ran our first event where we introduced our first two official rescues, Hope and Chirpa. Our incredible partner Cat Zimmerman performed with her mustangs and Rob West, another phenomenal trainer, also performed. We got a chance to speak about our Project, and it was awesome!!!!

I can not say enough about my incredible team of volunteers…. they believed in this and in us before it even became a reality. I am a big believer of the laws of attraction, so pay close attention to who is in your life, what you are putting out there in the world, your vibe defines your tribe. And if it doesn’t feel right, it probably is not, point it listen to your heart❤️

Rescues and Mission…. Hope and Chirpa are incredible and setting in amazingly well!!!  Our third Rescue will be arriving tomorrow. Her name is Shiloh….. she was picked from the wild to compete in the Mustang Makeover Challenge but by day 45 she still would not let her trainer put a halter on her. She was then adopted out and returned THREE times….. the last owner let  her graze on ten acres so Shiloh reverted back to her natural state, which is wild. Cat Zimmerman told me about her, and after speaking with the woman she is with now, we knew we had to get her before she ended up in the wrong place. They say it takes 90 days of pure commitment every day to fully train a Wild Mustang and we are dedicated to doing just that. Shiloh will arrive tomorrow and join our herd at Unbridled Heroes.

We have a total of 5 horses including Shiloh. One of my close friends and amazing volunteers, Missy, has her horse Rosa here with us to help with our program. And we have a little pony named Otto here, who is a complete love. And then our three incredible Mustangs…. who are trusting us more and more every day…. the joy I have seen them already bring people is simply amazing…. and this is just a few days in!!!

The next step we take will be gentling these Mustangs and hosting our first Veteran event, where our Veterans will get to meet our Mustangs and watch the documentary 500 Miles, a film about 16 combat Veterans and 16 wild horses…. it is a beautiful film.  Throughout all this time, we have been reading up on the current livestock laws and finding out who we need to talk to to make change to the current laws regarding the slaughter pipeline, and better yet, make sure the laws in place are being enforced…. because they are not. And for our Wild Mustangs, we are doing the same. Will keep you updated on when we make our first move. We did speak to the Pennsylvania State representative regarding the PA New Holland auction and violations that are happening, but no action yet on their part….  we are just getting started…. someone once said  that it was impossible to do what we are doing, and that it was impossible to change the laws…. nothing is impossible…. NOTHING!!!! Go be UNBRIDLED!!! Keep supporting us, share our Gofund me, we rely on all your support and are so incredibly grateful!!!!



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