Shock and Awe

40595175_10104232007519864_2968262992166125568_nSo this is actually happening and Chirpa arrived the other day. Life has officially changed and Mark and I are running our own horse rescue…. I am not going to lie. The weirdest thing happened the other day. It is something I could taste, and smell, it was fear, it was self doubt, it was that voice screaming “what are you doing, turn back now…..”. I have experienced this weird sensation before, and when it happened, I plowed through and wound up thriving. To say you can taste or smell fear, I believe you can because I did. And if I would have listened, I would have been scared to take the leap of faith and see what could happen. I would have turned back and not believed in myself, in my support system and in the amazing world. We are primal by nature, however we have been taught to ignore that primal sense, our gut,  and go with the norm. So when something outside of that norm happens, we tend to shy away and just keep existing. We are so powerful…. beyond anything and we need to trust ourselves more and take those risks for our dreams. There is really no time like NOW. If I waited any longer it would have slipped away, there really is no right time, you just need to act and when you do, amazing things will happen. I know we will be tested, and those moments of fear and self doubt will come creeping back, but I also know we can thrive when we push past that threshold. So yes, Shock and awe, this is happening, all of it. It is a beautiful thing. Chirpa is a beautiful living icon. To say she is mine seems wrong, she is a gift that we have been entrusted with. I was watching her the other night, thinking how she was wild and happy with her herd, and then how her life radically changed and the government took her from her herd and her family and stripped her of her right to be…. And now she is with us. And although we will love her and give her the best life we can, I can not help and think that I can not give her back her freedom and that hurts my heart. And that is why Mark and I will fight for their rights to stay humanly on their land. THANK you all. We are in love with our Mustang and although we rescued her, she is the one that will help so many…. So tap back into your primal side and UNBRIDLE YOURSELF. As Cat Zimmerman said, the truth come out when the halter is off. The truth comes out when we as living beings have a choice. 40568645_10104232007450004_2372961300666908672_n

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