And Chirpa has arrived!!!!


And at 5:45 this morning our dream came true!!! Chirpa has arrived. She is more than anything we could have wished for…. we will update you on all her progress…. beyond anything we could have expected. She is happy and made herself right at home❤️🐴 Thank you all so much for following us. This is one part of our three step mission. I have started reaching out to other major activists in this area and plan on putting some major pressure to expose what is happening in this country to our America Mustangs…. who are an icon to this country. We WILL do something, otherwise the vicious cycle will continue. We can rescue all we want, but unless we change the cycle, it is all for nothing. Will keep you all updated. Mark and I are so beyond grateful for all your support and belief. A special thanks toRob West from Wild West Farms…. for bringing her to us safely, thanks to our partner Cat Zimmerman from CZ Mustangs, all our believers, all you beautiful people who have encouraged us, Missy and Beth, none of this could have been done without you. And my Mom and Dad….. my light and support. Mom, when you were diagnosed with stage four cancer in December, and at the same time I was told I would need brain surgery…. something clicked… life. I wanted to LIVE. I wanted you to LIVE in every sense of the word, while we still have time. This saved us, this made us realize that every breath is a gift. That your life can be changed in an instant…. so be fearless, be Unbridled, and go for that dream…… Anything is possible.

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