And just 15 hours…..

In less than 15 hours our first rescue will arrive….. Chirpa… think she was wild for years and then captured to be kept in a holding pen breaks my heart. Rob West managed to save her in June to give her a chance to be gentled so she could thrive in a home. Unfortunately this Mustang hurt her hoof and her training was delayed. We spoke with Rob and decided that we would adopt her and finish out her training. Tonight, at 3am she will arrive to Allendale, NJ. Mark and I have been working hard to get everything ready for this moment…. In the very early morning, The Unbridled Heroes Project will be adopting our first ever wild Mustang. mark and I plan on spending the nights in her pasture until she feels safe…. I can not imagine what must be going through her mind. And as much as I want to return her to the wild, I know that I can not. So together, we will find our purpose and the journey will continue. Our grand opening will be September 13th. We will work on getting Chirpa adjusted to life with us before we introduce her to the public. We are so thankful and will keep everyone updated on her arrival!!!!!

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