I have been so incredibly lucky to get the chance to come to Montana and work with other female Veterans in a pilot program that is partnered with Micah Finks and his program Heroes and Horses. Unfortunately I became sick on my second day here and have been miserable, however the people have been so kind and accommodating. I am trying to get as much knowledge as I can despite having a fever and feeling so crummy😓 but I am so grateful to be here, to get this chance to learn from some of the best…. and have a chance to take what I learned back home. Today Lorca Smetana came to talk to us about resilience, and what that means. Her story is simply incredible. At 16 she went hiking with a school group, to make a long story short, 7 students died that day along with 2 teachers. She survived. Her resilience training today was so inspiring and I feel so much stronger everyday I am here in Montana…. Thank you to The Serenity Ranch, Heroes and Horses, the warriors going through this pilot program with me, and to the horses who have the capability to change lives unlike anything else. Lisa and Suzanne at the Serenity Ranch, you two are amazing beautiful people!!! To my parter Cat Zimmerman and CZ Mustangs, THANK YOU! To Rob West, TJ Clibborn and Micah Finks, thank you for the knowledge and advice you have given me. To our friends and supporters, this would not be possible without you. And to my family….. no words…. I love you for believing in my dream.

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