Unspoken lessons… the way of the earth

500 miles, a documentary about what happens when you take 16 wild mustangs and pair them up with 16 combat Veterans… what happens is something divine, something no words can describe, but only the heart can witness.  Heroes and Horses is a program run by Micah Finks in Montana.  When I saw the trailer of 500 Miles for the first time, it literally gave me chills and my mind and heart were instantly inspired…  Little did I know that I would get to be part of this amazing experience….  I leave on Saturday for Montana to be part of a pilot program for women Veterans that will be run by Heroes and Horses in conjunction with Serenity Ranch.  For 8 days I will leave my family and learn from the very best….  Our mentors, including Micah Finks, and the lessons that only a horse can teach you. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and will soak up every second I can from these incredible people and mustangs. Mark and I find we are learning every single day, something so incredibly priceless while we are on this path of LIFE…. with these unbridled spirits, both human and horse. The lessons that can not be spoken, but only felt deep within your soul, we hope to share with you all.  Thank you all for joining us in this incredible journey. I will be writing daily while in Montana…. and when I get back it will be time to put all these lessons we have learned through our lives and through our challenges, into something beautiful… into building a place where we can all unbridle our spirits.


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  1. Looks like an amazing film. Deanne Lipsius ( Beth’s Mom) Best of luck on your new venture.

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