Heroes…. A look back

When I looked at Mark today, I felt a surge of love and gratitude…. through my mind I quickly went through our past years together and silently thanked God for helping us get through what we needed to in order to not exist, but to THRIVE. Not thrive financially, but thrive in our souls and in our hearts. To come to this point where we knew what we were intended to do, as a couple and as a family. I thought back to how many times we had been blinded by so much darkness and how we clung on to nothing but faith… blindly stumbling through our lives….. When I speak of Phoenix and Saturn, it is hard to describe in words what happened. But it was to be, these divine creatures, battered and bruised, had a message for us. And without words they were able to give us what we needed…. and I hope in someway we were able to give it back to them. These unspoken lessons that made us go to our very core and “unbridle ourselves” were priceless and life changing. I watch back on this video of Mark, and he is a Hero in every sense of the word…. Before the War, during the War, and after…. Saturn tapped into his inner primal Hero, his soul and helped him heal the most deepest wounds. As we get ready for our opening day and do all the business side of things (which I kind of suck at, but WILL FIGURE OUT), I feel this sense of calm and gratitude. This sense that anything is possible and also how things can change in the blink of an eye. With that, we are HERE today, present and treasuring every moment of NOW. Working hard, though frustrating because we are learning as well, but appreciating the fact that it feels really good to take this chance and do what we think is our purpose. And with that, with intent and passion and a solid work ethic, anything is possible. We are thankful to all your help and following our journey. I hope you enjoy this video of Mark and his men in Iraq.

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