Hearts so filled with gratitude

HOPE, Mark and I                                 Sweet Chirpa

We are getting closer to our opening date and are so humbled and grateful for the support. Our hearts are so full, anticipating the arrival of our two mustangs, Chirpa and Hope. We are learning everything we can about the laws regarding slaughter and the humane treatment of our horse friends as well as the plight to save our wild mustangs. Along the journey we have learned about the horrors of the racing industry and other industries involved for our entertainment while taking away the dignity of these beautiful animals. There are so many that need homes and I know that we can not save them all…. but we can try and change the laws and make others aware of what is going on. That we can do, and Mark and I give you our word that we will do everything possible to do just that. We also can not wait to care and love for these beautiful souls and introduce them to our Heroes and watch the natural beauty take place…. sometimes silence is the best communication and horses can be our best teachers. Thank you again for following us and supporting…. here is a picture of beautiful Chirpa who was captured from the wild and kept in a holding facility where she would spend the rest of her life, or be sent to slaughter. The tips of her ears were frostbitten off in the wild which is why they look a little funny but they are perfect to us!!! She will come to us the end of August where we will gentle her before our grand opening!! Rob West is a phenomenal mustang trainer and we are grateful to him for having her for us until then. CZ Mustangs, without them this would not be possible and Cat Zimmerman…. what can I say…. this young woman is extraordinary… at 16 years old she runs her own Mustang Rescue in Archer, Florida. I have not witnessed in long time a work ethic quite like this young lady. She is a role model to all young people and we are honored to be partnered with her Mark your calendar for September 13, 2018. We are pleased to announce that we will be officially located at Rhoslers in Allendale, NJ.  Cat Zimmerman and her mother, Sarah Price will be there for the grand opening with our Mustang Hope!!! Keep sharing and supporting!!!!

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