Chasing that dream…..

Mark and I have been so busy getting everything squared away for the opening day of The HHH Project!! We are so grateful and humbled by all the support we have been getting. We could not do this alone and are amazed at how all the right people and circumstances are coming together to make this a reality. We were lucky this past week to get the chance to go upstate NY to the place where I grew up riding horses and my love for them began. Mark and I were able to be with those horses in their natural state and learn from them. Observing how they act in their herd and their body language is crucial to our success with these Mustangs and ironically enough, with people as well. Just breathing them in was enough to calm my mind and simply be in the moment. And that is what this is all about for us, be in the moment, go for your dreams, your wildest craziest dream!!!! DO IT!!! Doors will open and you will find a way to make it happen…. just take that first step….. and watch what happens. For every downfall, try and and see the beauty in it, because in the darkest dark, there is always light….

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